Installment 6: New Adventure, New Opportunity

April 28, 2019

Another installment is due today, and once again, I’m sitting down to write it on its due date. I need to schedule more regular writing time. This has been a wild couple of weeks…good, but wild.

My pro-reading is still focused on Covey’s The 3rd Alternative. The end is in sight. I’ve passed through “The 3rd Alternative and the Law” and am well into “The 3rd Alternative in Society.” I’m getting there.

I finished Ezekiel and have moved on to the Book of Daniel. While making my way through Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, I got well into “Song of Myself,” and found my favorite passage:
They were the glory of the race of rangers,
Matchless with horse, rifle, song, supper, courtship,
Large, turbulent, generous, handsome, proud, and affectionate,
Bearded, sunburnt, drest in the free costume of hunters,
Not a single one over thirty years of age.”
(Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass. Oxford University Press: Oxford, 1991.)

Other Reading
I was challenged to add Sun Tzu’s The Art of War into my reading rotation. Challenge accepted. I’m about ½ way through.

Other Learning Opportunities
These 2 weeks has been loaded with other training opportunities. I had a good Roundtable meeting with some of my supervisors. I had a great preliminary policy briefing with a group of 4 new Academy grads. I had the 3rd Session of this year’s Leadership Development Academy. I was fortunate to have my friend, mentor, and executive coach join us remotely to work with the class. On Saturday, I got to attend an amazing jiu-jitsu seminar with Professor Demien Maia. During the 2nd week, I had an eye-opening meeting with a college classmate, who is involved in major social media advocacy, around opportunities to leverage media and messaging for larger impact. There were many opportunities to learn in the past 2 weeks.

I’ve done a lot of writing for work lately, but pretty much no writing for fun or progress. I need to work on that.

There has been a lot of fun to be had lately. I got a couple of good ruck hikes in. I managed to pick up some extra jiu-jitsu classes. The Seminar with Demien Maia was awesome! It was inspiring and game-changing. That evening, C and I were blessed to be guests at a Passover Seder, at one of our local Temples. It was moving. On Easter, we hiked Monument Mountain, before having Easter dinner with my parents. On Thursday, we were invited to attend a celebration of community unity. After the reception, we had a great dinner and night out with some close friends. All in all, a great couple of weeks.











Be Safe, Keep the Faith, Do Good Work, 1*

Installment 5: New Adventure, New Opportunity

Don’t Want to Read It? Check the video here.

April 14, 2019

It’s another Sunday afternoon. This blog is due today, and I’m just getting to it. I’m not making excuses, but this has been a crazy couple of weeks. Not a wilderness period, just a lot going on. Earlier this week, I got hit with some type of stomach bug, and it feels like I lost an entire week.

After I got home from my FL and SC trip, it was right back to work. That week, I got to take an internal team to an industry trade show. That’s always a fun time. I also got to teach a class for a group of new Animal Control Officers…a nice little change of pace.

Last weekend presented some interesting opportunities and set me up for a good week. Then I got hit by the proverbial truck. So much for the best laid plans.


I’m still working my way through Stephen Covey’s The 3rd Alternative: Solving Life’s Most Difficult Problems. The last 2 chapters that I’ve completed are The 3rd Alternative at School and The 3rd Alternative and the Law. As I stated in the last installment, this book is affirming so much other professional development work that I’ve been doing recently. It came into the rotation at the perfect time. I’m close to the end and am looking forward to completing it.

I’m still moving through the Book of Ezekiel and Leaves of Grass.

Other Reading

Being “sick in rack” necessitated some reading that wasn’t a heavy lift. I used to read a lot of stuff by W.E.B. Griffin, especially his series, The Corps. One of his other series is the Badge of Honor collection, about the Philadelphia Police Department. So, I opened an old stand-by on my Kindle and re-read The Investigators.

When that was done, I cracked open Bravo Two Zero, by retired SAS trooper Andy McNab.

Other Learning Opportunities

Losing a couple of days, and not being at 100% meant that I had to cancel a training trip to Rhode Island. I was completely bummed not to make that trip, but there will be other opportunities.

DSC_0477-retOne of the things that I did manage to accomplish was to initiate a conversation that I had been contemplating for quite some time. Last fall, I was honored to be recognized by my alma mater, Williams College, as a Bicentennial Medalist. I was humbled to be included in a class that was comprised of an internationally lauded journalist, a history making recording industry executive, and an advocate and organizer who uses arts and culture to drive economic change in disadvantaged nations. Prior medalists include entrepreneurs, diplomats, legislators, entertainers, and many other incredibly accomplished individuals. My request to my fellow medalists, and then to the larger group of all medalists was to turn our collective energy and talents to tackling current, real-world issues, and developing creative solutions. The response from my medal class, and from the College was awesome and inspiring. I’m excited about what this might mean.

Something else that I’ve added to my routine in the last couple of weeks is listening to the Hands and Daylight podcast by Pete Roberts. Pete is the founder and principal of Origin Maine and Origin Labs. I got turned onto this podcast by listening to The Jocko Podcast with Commander Willink. Pete and his guests talk about their mission to bring manufacturing and industrial trades back to New England. I’ve only listened to a handful of episodes, but so far, it’s awesome!


Other than some regular journaling, there hasn’t been much writing going on lately. I need to get focused and get back on the path.


I managed to get quite a bit of flexibility and mobility work in recently. That work really supported my Jiu-jitsu, and I’ve gotten some good Jits workouts in as well. On top of that, I had an awesome 5-mile ruck last weekend.

Last Sunday morning, I was honored to be able to attend the Williams Wrestling end of season breakfast banquet. It was my privilege to address the team and their family with a few brief remarks.

C and I have had some fun date nights out to Ye Olde Forge in Lanesborough and Firefly in Lenox. On top of that, we had a beautiful night out with friends last week, including dinner at Trattoria Rustica and cocktails at District, both here in Pittsfield.

Not too bad for a couple of weeks that were interrupted by the worst stomach bug ever.

Be Safe, Keep the Faith, Do Good Work, 1*